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The Gaza Siege website is an independent online resource for background, analysis and the latest news updates related to the ongoing siege and occupation of the Gaza Strip. It includes reports, statements and op-eds by prominent scholars, expert commentators, and humanitarian organizations as well as first-hand accounts by journalists and people living in Gaza.

The site provides categorized resources on publications, online sites, blogs, and films on Gaza as well as relevant maps and timelines of the events. The site includes a live news blog with regular email updates provided to subscribers, and a searchable archive of all articles posted. The site also provides regular Action Alerts and news posting on Legal Issues and Humanitarian Relief for concrete things people can do to help alleviate the ongoing siege in Gaza, as well as links to organizations, reports and resources for humanitarian relief and human rights advocacy in support of people in Gaza.

The site was established since the onset of Israel’s recent war in the Gaza Strip (December 27, 2008), with content contributed by a range of Gaza experts, organizations, and activists worldwide. The site will continue to provide in-depth information and updates on the humanitarian and political situation during the ongoing siege and occupation of the Gaza Strip. The site is not currently affiliated with any organization or institution; it remains an independent initiative to improve greater awareness and understanding of the situation in Gaza for mainstream audiences everywhere.

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